Friday, August 10, 2012

Lake Powell

Long Days in the sun and playing in the water and coming back to shower and eat, and not to mention listening to awesome music. And the music is live, being played by my uncle on the guitar. It's relaxing. And I'm very sleepy with the wind gentle blowing my hot skin making me want to sleep even more. But i want to keep awake for these awesome memories. And this is only day/night one.

A long very bumpy boat ride to rainbow bridge! It was worth it! It was very gorgeous to see. I have bruises from the ride there because the water was rough and the sun was a blazing! I'm burnt! BURNT! I wouldn't complain but I put sunscreen On every 30minutes! Im exhausted on the end of day two. I can barely keep my little brown eyes open and keep my head up. But I don't mind letting my head rest, I can look up to the sky and see all those stars. It's hard to see those junoesque creations in the city with the busy lights and buildings. Now as I look at the sky making sure I keep my peepers open and my skin moist instead of dry and itchy, I can listen to my uncle sing and play the guitar again. It's relaxing. Oh except for the fact I just clawed myself and the pain is so stingy!

Yesterday was a long day, so much sun and fun than we ate dinner and I went right to sleep listening to Justin Beiber and Aida. And today was just as long. I was wake boarding and than...BAM!! My face and the water couldn't resist each other any longer. I got knocked out, and a concussion. It hurt, to say the least. I wanted to prove that I wasn't fragile. I climbed into the boat by myself. Held back those close to the rim tears and swallowed the cries. My body is so tense and bruised. But without fail my mum was there to take care of me. YAY MUMS!!!!
Today is Friday and the last day of the lake Powell experience. It is filled with packing, boat cleaning and heat. I'm so happy I get to be in an air condition vehicle soon!! My body hurt worse than it did yesterday! But hopefully my tan will last!!

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